KidBuilt Studio

About the Program

KidBuilt was developed to help children learn real life skills, doing hands-on experiential activities through woodworking. It is founded on the belief that when children build and construct in an environment that allows them to freely explore, it instills confidence, and builds self-esteem. When given autonomy, children develop a sense of pride in what they are able to accomplish. Children crave independence and by building with their hands and choosing projects freely, they develop a sense of ownership that are a foundation for a lifelong love of learning and play.


KidBuilt About the Founder

About the Founder

Mr. Saed is a Montessori trained and certified primary teacher, a former kindergarten teacher and tutor with 19 years of early childhood experience. He believes that each individual child’s developmental and educational needs should be assessed based on the specific child, rather than one single philosophical approach. As a kindergarten teacher, Mr. Saed implemented the summer camp pre-k program, that incorporated woodworking, arts and crafts, outdoor sports, as well as a summer enrichment program for math and language. The woodworking program was the highlight of the summer sessions for both children and parents. During his time as a teacher and tutor, he began bringing the woodworking enrichment program to North Shore park districts and public schools. Mr. Saed has a passion for teaching children and giving them the tools with which to command themselves and their surroundings.